Does the pain in my neck need surgery or medication

Treatment can be natural and non-surgical. When you seek medical care from a chiropractic clinic, your chiropractor will be focusing on the root of the pain in the neck and its symptoms.

However, there is any number of different types of neck conditions, which your local Charlotte, NC chiropractor can treat.  Here you can learn more about treating neck pain without surgery or medication

Common types of neck injuries a Charlotte, NC chiropractor deals with

These are the most common types that patients may experience.

  • Whiplash from car accidents
  • Cervical intervertebral disc injuries not requiring a surgical procedure
  • Cervical sprains or sprains in facet joints
  • Degenerative neck joint syndrome

Local chiropractor diagnose pain on the neck

Your Charlotte, NC chiropractor will evaluate the pain and other locations of the spine, which includes the middle and lower back, to identify if these areas can also be affected, or the root of the problem.

Chiropractors deal with the spine as an entirety, as they see their patients as a complete person, rather than just their symptoms. The chiropractor can determine that it is necessary to properly educate you about nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle goals as part of this pain treatment process.

The chiropractors evaluate areas where movement is restricted and observe how the patient moves, as well as posture and spinal alignment. Along with a physical examination, the chiropractor will compile any medical history and possibly order diagnostic imaging tests to assist in diagnosing an exact cause of the neck pain.

Chiropractic care you can count on in Charlotte, NC

Skilled chiropractors in the local chiropractic clinic have many options for treating neck pain. They may include a combination of spinal adjustments, exercise therapy, and other forms of treatment for neck pain as part of their care plan.

Spinal adjustments assist in the restoration of motion and the re-alignment of joints. Physical therapies and rehabilitative exercises often help alleviate the symptoms of neck pain, as well. In some cases, they may use inferential electrical stimulation for stimulation of the neck muscles.

Such treatments are merely examples of possible chiropractic treatments for neck pain; however, depending on the patient’s diagnosis, an individual treatment plan will be developed.

Finding a caring chiropractic clinic in Charlotte, NC

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Before you find yourself in a position where the pain is preventing you from leading a healthy life, you ought to take the time to check out non-invasive treatment a chiropractic clinic offers. Consider an expert examination with ChiroCarolina™. Undergoing regular chiropractic care combined with dietary and lifestyle guidance can provide you with long-term natural and painless treatments.

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