Neck pain at the beginning of the days is not something that makes anyone happy; everyone in Charlotte, NC, attests to that fact—always wondering the cause of the neck pain. Little do you know that you have to factor in your sleeping position, pillow type, and your mattress? There are many things that can contribute to your neck pain. Some, you cannot control, so let’s focus on the things you can do to minimize your risk for neck pain. Head position during the day and sleeping position during the night are two major causes that we really need to look into.

How does sleeping position affect neck pain alongside some of the sleeping positions to avoid?

If you are one in Charlotte, NC that experiences neck pain regularly, the last thing you should do is sleep on your belly. The position causes you to twist your head and neck to the side, placing a lot of pressure on the nerves in your cervical spine. Placing a deeper look at it, sleeping on your stomach also causes the misalignment of the cervical vertebrae and your shoulders. In some worst-case scenarios, neck pain can extend lower and begin to cause shoulder pain.

The shoulder itself, with its trigger point, can be a major cause of neck pain. So, what then is the solution? What sleeping position should you adopt? The answer is to support your neck by sleeping on your back or your side. In either case, it’s very important to make sure you have a pillow that supports your head and neck while taking pressure off your shoulders; else, there will be lots of pain. Finding the right pillow is key to reducing your risk of neck pain. If you’re asleep on your back, make sure that your pillow supports your neck but doesn’t lift your head too high, creating forward head posture. With this, you have solved half of the problems.

What treatments or exercises can I use for neck pain?

Chiropractic specialists say that physical activity could make a difference for people with neck pains. A simple stretch for your neck before bed would help to loosen your tight neck muscles. An activity can also protect you against your pain returning in the future, as most methods seem temporal. The aim is to be physically active without making your pain worse. These exercises can speed your recovery as well as keep your pain from returning. Once your pain lessens or disappears, your chiropractor may recommend exercises that can maintain your neck movement and muscle strength.

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