Charlotte chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic treatment can be a way to relieve discomfort and swelling caused by neck pain. Our neck is made up of seven small vertebrae, which supports the full weight of the head. While the neck can rotate in almost all directions, its flexibility makes it susceptible to pain. Most of the neck pains occur due to falls, accidents, and repetitive movement, blows of the head or body, and aging. It can range from minor to major, depending on the cause of the injury.

Here are some of the most typical causes of neck pain:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Herniated discs
  • Worn joints
  • Muscle strains, often from postural deviations
  • Injuries from auto accidents or sports
  • Bone spurs
  • Pinched nerves

How to manage your neck pain at home

Use ice: Ice pack can help relieve swelling areas. Hold a cold pack wrapped in a towel and gently place it on the neck.

Try neck exercises: Be careful not to stretch your neck beyond its normal limits. Light neck stretches can help relieve some pain.

Avoid driving if you are feeling severe pain: Avoid driving if you are having pain around your neck and shoulder. Driving may require you to turn your neck from one side to another, and you may have to overstretch your neck while driving.

When should I consider Charlotte, NC chiropractic care for my neck pain?

Consider visiting a chiropractor if you are experiencing pain around your neck area, spine, and joints. A chiropractor can recommend a treatment plan specific to you, which include muscle stimulation, joint mobilization, therapeutic exercises, spinal adjustments, muscle release, and offer lifestyle advice.

Can chiropractic treatment relieve this kind of pain?

ChiroCarolina chiropractic treatment is a care you can count on to relieve your neck and spine from pain. Chiropractic treatment can deliver a gentle and non-invasive manual treatment where they use hands for spinal manipulation, to free restricted joints, stiff or mobilization. ChiroCarolina chiropractic care provides the body with a better option to manage discomfort in the spine and neck. They can also perform other techniques like stretching exercise, rehabilitation, and electrotherapy, all of which fall under chiropractor care. They can offer lifestyle advice to prevent future and repeated occurrences.

Some of the health benefits include:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Reduced pain
  • Improve lifestyle and activity
  • Improved rate of motion

How can neck pain be prevented?

  • Always maintain good posture when you stand or sit
  • Exercise regularly to maintain proper movement in your neck
  • Raise your monitor to eye level
  • Learn how to take a break and relax during activities
  • Exercise regularly

How long do I need to see Charlotte, NC chiropractor for my neck pain?

Every patient treatment plan will depend on the injury. Patients who experience this pain due to sports injuries, auto accidents, or arthritis might spend a longer time than patients who experience pain in the neck from a pinched nerve or postural issues. Your body system will likely determine the length of your stay. ChiroCarolina® doctors take health and well-being seriously. Through our manual manipulations, we can realign your neck and spine to return the body to its full functionality.

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