Neck Pain and Chiropractic

Neck pain affects everyone at some point in their life. In fact, if you are the average person, you feel the pain and stiffness of neck pain several times a year. This happens largely because of biomechanics. Almost any activity such as sitting or standing for extended periods, repetitive movement, car accidents, slips and falls, impact from sports, blows to the body or head, and the process of aging can lead to an episode of neck pain. Even the most minor episode of neck pain can be very bothersome. How does biomechanics play a role? It comes down to design. Our cervical spine (what we call the neck) begins at the base of the skull and contains seven small vertebrae. These seven vertebrae are sturdy enough to support the full weight of your head, and collectively, they must be flexible enough to move your head in nearly every direction. Your neck is supported by a complex array of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The more moving parts, the more can go wrong, making the neck very susceptible to pain and injury.

Chiropractic care for neck pain

Your Chiropractic doctor will perform a comprehensive exam to locate the source of your pain. He or she will ask you questions about your current symptoms and what remedies the pain. Your doctor will observe your posture, check your range of motion, and assess your overall physical condition. You can expect examination of your shoulder areas, testing your reflexes, muscle strength, and how far the pain has spread. X-rays are common, and in some instances, your chiropractor might order other tests to help diagnose your condition.

Natural and non-invasive care

Chiropractic care is natural and does not include the use of drugs or surgery. If your chiropractor diagnoses a condition outside of this scope, he or she will refer you to the appropriate medical physician or specialist. Chiropractors understand that proper alignment of the spine restores normal function and allows the body to heal itself. This means that if you are treated for neck pain, a neck adjustment (also known as cervical manipulation) is likely to be part of your care plan. This is achieved by the application of gentle and precise pressure to the joints of the neck, usually by hand. The goal is to improve the mobility of the spine and to restore range of motion. It can also relieve pain and increase movement of the adjoining muscles.

You can be sure that your chiropractor will develop a plan of care that combines a number of pain free, drug free, and non-invasive treatments, depending on your personal needs. The treatment plan may include therapeutic massage, rehabilitative exercises, or lifestyle coaching.

Care you can count on in Charlotte, NC

If you do not notice improvement in your neck pain after a week, you should schedule an appointment with a chiropractic clinic. The doctors at ChiroCarolina™are spine care specialists who use natural and gentle techniques to treat your neck injury. They are passionate about providing high quality chiropractic care for their patients. ChiroCarolina™ specializes in treating patients for chronic and acute pain, car accidents, and all kinds of injuries. When it comes to follow-up care, ChiroCarolina™ stands above other area clinics. Patients visit from all over North Carolina, South Carolina, and from as far as Georgia, Florida and Virginia. In addition to gentle adjustments, you can expect supplemental therapies such as the application of heat or cold, electrical stimulation, diet counseling, or rehabilitative exercise. Every solution is pain free! ChiroCarolina™, one of Charlotte’s top chiropractic centers, is known for providing conservative and effective chiropractic care for the uptown, NoDa, and University area- located conveniently off North Tryon Street.