Neck pain and chiropractic care

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Getting help from a Charlotte chiropractor for my neck pain

Neck pain and chiropractic care is the logical connection if you are seeking relief that is natural and pain free. Beyond the natural healing aspects, chiropractic care will help you to pinpoint the exact problem, which is important because there are so many factors and causes for neck pain.  We have all awakened in the morning with a stiff or sore neck, and our first reaction is that we slept in an awkward position. The pain is only evident when we try to turn our neck, and usually by mid day it is barely noticeable.

However, there are times when the cause of our neck pain is a little more severe, maybe you don’t remember any particular incident, but you have experienced neck pain after playing golf or a day at the amusement park. Perhaps you were in a “fender bender” a week prior and suddenly you developed limited movement with pain. Do you ever experience neck and shoulder pain when you face stressful situations? Then there are those who suffer from chronic neck pain because of an old sports injury, or a work accident, or automobile wreck. However minor or however severe, neck pain is your body telling you that something is wrong.

Chiropractic care is ideal for neck pain

Chiropractors treat neck pain holistically. In other words, they understand that the body is a whole system working together to heal itself, and they work with you to understand all the conditions that are the root source for your pain and help you to create conditions that are conducive for healing without drugs or surgery. Chiropractic care is predicated upon the understanding that your central nervous system (your spine and the network of connected nerves) is a key component in your body’s ability to maintain good health and to heal itself. It is the chiropractor’s job to find out where the system is out of alignment, and will seek to eliminate those things that interrupt the natural healing process.

On your first visit, the chiropractor will examine your entire spine, because it is possible that the source of your pain or stiffness may not be in your neck. When your chiropractic doctor identifies the cause of your pain, he or she will gently manipulate the spine or cervical vertebrae to correct the problem. This is painless and very tolerable procedure.

As part of your treatment, your chiropractic doctor will help you to adopt some healthy habits in order to avert or prevent neck pain in the future. For example, your practitioner will explain the importance of good posture; recommend consistent and relevant exercises as well as stretching before and after the exercise. He or she will teach you how to properly support your head in a way that allows your neck to remain flat when you sleep. Your chiropractic doctor will help you find constructive and healthy ways to reduce or eliminate stress by recommending relaxation exercises, yoga, or even meditation.

Effective chiropractic care in Charlotte

If you live in Charlotte, NC, chiropractic care should be one of the first treatments that you consider for chronic and acute neck pain or any type of musculoskeletal pain. One of the reasons for the wide acceptance of chiropractic care is because it is a drug free treatment. More importantly, chiropractic practice is natural and involves helping the body to heal itself through manipulation of misalignments or structural deficiencies in the spine that may interfere with normal function. ChiroCarolina® has a dedicated staff and doctors that are committed to correcting the causes of your neck pain and providing you with mobile, pain-free movement. Call their office today to schedule an appointment and for evaluation of your neck pain and chiropractic care which allows the body to stay healthy and active.


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