Charlotte neck pain and arm pain are related and can be treated with chiropractic care

Neck pain in Charlotte NC

Neck pain in Charlotte NC and arm pain can be two sides of the same coin. Injuries that affect both the neck and the arm can cause simultaneous pain in these two regions. Depending on the injury, the pain experienced can range anywhere from a stabbing pain that starts in the neck and radiates to the arm, to a dull ache that is felt throughout both regions. Charlotte neck pain and arm pain are some of the most common conditions found at a chiropractor’s office, but there are still many people living with this chronic condition that are not seeking help. If you are experiencing neck and arm pain that occurs every day, or pain that is intermittent yet enough to impact your quality of life, seek chiropractic care today.

Causes of neck and arm pain

Misalignment of the vertebrae caused by bad posture, repetitive motions, or falls/accidents can cause extreme charlotte neck pain, and arm pain. Being in an automobile accident that involved a physical injury can also cause this type of pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome, though regularly thought to only affect the hand, can also cause neck and arm pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome is not only caused by repetitive movements, it can also be caused by car accidents, sports injuries, poor posture and aging. Neck and arm pain can have mysterious origins, and there are many other reasons why you may be experiencing the pain that you are. It is best to meet with a chiropractor to discuss your pain, and to discuss the various treatment options available to you.

Neck and arm pain chiropractic treatment

Neck pain in Charlotte NC can be treated at a chiropractor’s office. After having a consultation with a board-certified chiropractor, a treatment plan that addresses the cause of your pain will be developed for you. Most often, chiropractic treatments involve spinal adjustments and physiotherapy that involves neuromuscular electrical treatments and traction. These adjustments will help alleviate your neck and back pain and can restore a normal range of motion in these areas. Duration of the prescribed treatments will vary according to the severity and frequency of the pain.

ChiroCarolina® – your chiropractic specialist for Neck pain in Charlotte NC and arm pain

Neck pain in Charlotte NC and arm pain can be treated at ChiroCarolina®, located in Charlotte, NC and visited by patients throughout the south:  North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Virginia and Texas. Don’t live with your neck and arm pain. Visit a board-certified chiropractor that can help address the cause of your issue. If you are living in the Charlotte, NC area and are living with chronic neck and arm pain, contact us to make an appointment today. ChiroCarolina®, care you can count on.