Charlotte Neck Pain in Charlotte, NCSmarting from your smart phone

There are many reasons for Charlotte neck pain, such as arthritis, car accidents, and sports injury. Years ago, we would have never imagined that people could injure their neck because of the way they use electronic devices in a way that is bad for the neck and spine. This even includes the simple act of talking on the phone. The problem with electronic device use is that the more we use them, the more our neck hurts. This problem is only getting worse because electronic devices are now used extensively in every area of our lives.

Taking a break

We would never suggest going without your electronic device. Some of our younger readers cannot even imagine what life was like without cell phones or tablets. We are suggesting that the key to avoiding this type of neck pain is to take frequent breaks when using them. You should never stare at a screen for more than 15 minutes without moving around, and doing something else. This rule includes usage of electronic devices for work. The key is to make your best effort to take frequent breaks, or to work on another work related task. Whenever possible, whether you are at home or work, do something that gets you completely away from your electronic device. For example, you could go on a walk or set aside time for a workout. Try to partake of activities that do not involve sitting down. You will discover that your body feels better.

Computer screens and keyboards

When at work, try to use conventional computer screens and ergonomic keyboards. If you are corresponding by email on a cell phone or tablet, try to keep your messages short. Otherwise, your wrists and elbows will eventually become as sore as your neck. When reading electronic books, turn the device horizontally and read it in landscape mode. You would be best served to get a larger screen over a pocket sized one. The larger screen gives you a better opportunity to read while sitting in proper posture.

Top chiropractors treat Charlotte neck pain

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