Charlotte neck pain in Charlotte NC from a workplace accident or injury

Charlotte neck pain - Charlotte NC

Charlotte neck pain in Charlotte NC is a common complaint for many seeking treatment in the Charlotte NC area. There are many different potential causes of neck pain. Often, neck pain is the result of a workplace accident or an injury sustained while at work.

There are two different ways Charlotte neck pain can be attributed to the workplace. First, there are accidents- a sudden and defined incident which causes injury. Examples of workplace accidents include slips and falls, impact injuries, or auto accidents while on the job, to name a few.

Chronic neck pain can also sometimes be attributed to the workplace environment. This is especially common in jobs that include repetitive motion that strains the neck. An example might be lifting boxes, or moving items from one conveyor to another in the same repeated motion all day.

Types of neck treatment

Treatment for neck pain can vary widely depending on the cause, severity, and symptoms. Sometimes, rest, over the counter pain medicin, and light duty is all that is needed. More severe injuries may be treated with prescription drugs or even surgery. For many suffering from Charlotte neck pain in Charlotte NC, chiropractic treatment may be a beneficial option.

How chiropractic care might help

Chiropractic care is manual adjustment of the spine, neck, and surrounding joints and tissues. It is performed by a chiropractor in his or her office, in one or more sessions. The goal of chiropractic care is to relieve pain by bringing the musculoskeletal system back into alignment.

Chiropractic care has many attractive benefits. It is rarely uncomfortable or painful; it does not require the downtime and risks associated with surgery; and it is all-natural. Unlike other options for medical intervention, chiropractic care does not include the prescription of costly and potentially habit-forming drugs.

Choosing the right Charlotte NC chiropractic care partner

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