Charlotte Neck Pain in Charlotte, NCDealing with Charlotte neck pain

Have you been in an accident and are considering chiropractic treatment for Charlotte neck pain? Unfortunately, millions of Americans suffer with neck pain, and most of them believe that they must live with it, because it is so common. Most simply chalk it up to sleeping in the wrong position. In fact, most people never think about seeking treatment for neck pain until it is so severe that the pain has become unbearable. Sometimes the pain can be so intense that it can radiate to the surrounding muscles, nerves, vertebrae, and cervical disks.

Acute neck pain

Neck pain is usually classified as either acute or chronic. Acute pain is what we experience immediately after an injury. It is usually successfully treated within 7 to 10 days with the combination of ice therapy, rest, and rehabilitative exercise. A top Charlotte chiropractor can perform diagnostic tests in order to determine the specific cause of your neck pain, and then will recommend the most effective and pain relieving therapies.

Chronic neck pain

When neck pain persists for more than three months, it is considered to be chronic pain. Using the same diagnostic skills, your chiropractor can recommend gentle, pain relieving, and rehabilitative treatments that are designed relieve pain, restore range of motion, and to help improve your quality of life.

Pain free treatment

The best chiropractors in Charlotte specialize in the use of gentle, pain-free treatment for neck pain. Your initial visit begins with your chiropractic doctor taking a comprehensive health history, and performing a spinal examination. Once your chiropractor identifies misalignment of your spine, he or she will address each subluxation individually. Your chiropractor uses very gentle and carefully controlled pressure to restore your vertebrae to a normal position. Most patients report immediate pain relief, restoration of range of motion. Your chiropractic doctor will utilize a variety of therapies, and the goal is to help your body get back to optimal health. If your chiropractic doctor feels that additional complementary treatments are necessary, you will be referred to the proper therapist or healthcare provider.

Chiropractic treatment for neck pain in Charlotte, NC

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