Charlotte’s Neck Pain Specialists Tell you What to do After a Car, Motorcycle, or Truck Accident

Charlotte’s neck pain specialists understand how pain can make life unbearable. It’s one of the reasons to see a chiropractor immediately after an accident. It is especially true for truck drivers in an accident. The number of vehicles on the road has doubled, increasing the risk of crashes. They can be traumatic and scary and result in millions of losses. While securing your insurance claim is crucial, seeing a chiropractor is even more crucial for a quick and safe recovery. Never ignore minor accidents, as they can cause more pain and discomfort in the future.

Must you See a Chiropractor Following an Accident?

The simple answer is yes! Car accidents can cause various injuries, which present themselves differently. For instance, a car traveling 6 miles per hour seems low to the naked eye. But research has discovered that it could still cause injuries. These injuries can be unveiled even days or weeks after an accident. The problem is it worsens without medical intervention. Chiropractors resolve any problems from the core utilizing natural and non-surgical procedures.

What Will a Chiropractor do During the Visit?

Whether there are visible injuries or not, a chiropractor will carry out a detailed examination to cross out any issues. These include physical examinations and deep x-ray analysis. Based on the findings, they will offer a diagnosis for the appropriate treatment of the injuries, if any. Modern technology and techniques promote the most accurate diagnosis to get you back on your regular routine sooner.

What Accident Injuries will a Chiropractor Treat?

Most chiropractors are trained to handle various injuries related to accidents, including:

  1. Whiplash

The most common injury is whiplash. It is caused by the rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck during an accident. This can cause injuries throughout the neck and could include joint capsules, muscles, ligaments, and discs. It also alters the neck’s normal curvature, resulting in short-term pain and dysfunction. On the other hand, you may experience accelerating degenerative changes and chronic pain in the future. With early identification of these injuries, one can begin treatment and avoid issues down the road.

  1. Back pain

A crash can severely affect your back. The upper and lower back can sustain injuries. In some cases, the pain area can be the spine and the surrounding tissues. Without treatment, it could result in temporary or permanent paralysis. Experienced chiropractors can offer immediate relief to back pain.

  1. Neck or shoulders pain

Individuals tend to experience stiffness in their necks or shoulders after a crash. It can be an aftereffect of an accident, requiring you to see a chiropractor as soon as possible. Chiropractic adjustments relax the nerves and ease the tension build-up.

Work with Charlotte’s Neck Pain Specialists

Never take any accident injuries lightly, as there could be more than meets that small cut. Charlotte’s neck pain specialists will perform a proper diagnosis and create a treatment plan customized to your needs and injuries. They utilize different therapies to improve the range of motion, minimize pain, relax tight muscles, and rehabilitate the spine.

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