About neck painNeck pain in Charlotte

Neck pain can cause a major disruption and a decrease in your quality of life. If you are suffering from chronic or acute neck pain, you probably want it gone fast. However, you might have concerns about dangerous or invasive treatments like prescription drugs and surgery.

Neck pain can have a variety of causes. Often, it stems from an injury, such as a car crash, a sports injury, or a workplace accident. The injury may not seem severe at first, but pain can linger long after the event.

Neck pain may also be caused by things you do every day. Your posture, your position when you drive, the repetitive tasks at your work, and even taking care of your children can involve motions that contribute to chronic pain.

Natural alternatives for treating pain

If you are like many people, you may shy away from habit forming prescription drugs or expensive, invasive surgeries to treat your neck pain. If your pain is mild or occasional, it may not seem worth these drastic measures. However, you shouldn’t have to suffer.

There are several natural methods for dealing with neck pain. Of course, you should discuss any of them with your primary care provider before undertaking a treatment or remedy. One solution that your doctor might recommend is chiropractic care.

How a chiropractor can help

A chiropractor is a medical professional that specializes in treatment of the musculoskeletal system. This means that neck pain and back pain is a chiropractor’s specialty. Chiropractors are different from medical doctors; they don’t prescribe medications, and they do not perform surgeries. Instead, a chiropractor will treat your neck pain with manual manipulation.

A chiropractic adjustment consists of the practitioner using his or her hands to manually adjust and manipulate your neck, spine, and surrounding areas. This helps restore alignment and relieve pressure that can be causing you pain. Results vary, but many patients with neck pain report having found relief from seeing a chiropractor.

Finding a Charlotte NC chiropractor

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