Neck pain
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Whiplash and neck pain are serious

Neck pain for Charlotte residents can be anything from a minor annoyance, to debilitating, to life altering. Failure to receive proper treatment, could mean that one would never be able to enjoy a pain free lifestyle. Think about your neck pain. Do you suffer with neck and shoulder pain after sitting for extended periods? Does your pain make you less productive at work? Even minor neck pain can affect your health in many ways. For example, limited movement from a stiff neck makes it difficult for you to drive safely. If you operate dangerous machinery, or drive for a living, pain can keep you from getting a peaceful night of sleep. A Charlotte chiropractor will seek to determine the cause of your pain and recommend a whole-body approach to pain management and rehabilitation.

Have you been in an accident?

Unfortunately, whiplash injury is the most common cause for neck pain. Whiplash is a collective term for the soft tissue trauma that affects the joints in the neck. If not properly diagnosed, it could be months or years before neck injuries are ever treated. Many people assume that neck pain is a common occurrence. The most common idea is that they slept on their pillow the wrong way. Whiplash can happen in a car accident at speeds as slow as 5mph. If whiplash goes untreated, scar tissue can form, contributing to a spinal misalignment, that continues to get worse.

Understanding chronic neck pain

Over time, factors such as poor posture, or insufficient support while sleeping can lead to chronic neck pain. For example, when working at a computer or on a tablet, poor posture can place significant strain on your neck and shoulders. Sleeping on a less than supportive pillow or mattress can also cause neck muscle problems. After years of poor neck support, the cervical spine misaligns and/or compresses, leading to chronic neck problems.

Natural care for neck pain

Charlotte’s best chiropractic doctors use a holistic approach to wellness. The chiropractic works closely with each patient to identify lifestyle factors, dietary practices, and environmental issues that contribute to, or causes pain. Proper ergonomics at work, integration of physical therapy, corrective exercises, and proper diet, all in combination with spinal adjustments, will provide pain management and improved mobility.

Are you injured and need treatment for neck pain?

If you are suffering from shoulder or neck pain and you are looking for the natural, non-invasive treatment that chiropractic clinics offer, consider one of the top chiropractic clinics in the Charlotte area. In addition to gentle adjustments, you can expect supplemental therapies such as the application of heat or cold, electrical stimulation, diet counseling, or rehabilitative exercise. Every solution is pain free! ChiroCarolina®, one of Charlotte’s top chiropractic centers, is known all over the South east for providing conservative and effective chiropractic care for the uptown, NoDa, and University area- located conveniently off North Tryon Street.