neck pain and chiropractic care

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Neck pain and chiropractic care concerns some patients

Ask a chiropractor in Charlotte which type of treatment tends to worry people most, and they will likely report that neck pain and chiropractic care seem to bring out a large number of concerns in many patients. Many worry that having a neck adjustment will be painful, or worse, might do harm; of course, this is not the case at all. Chiropractors are the only doctors trained to perform spinal manipulations during their four years of medical studies, and their extensive focus on human physiology – how body systems, especially the musculoskeletal and central nervous systems, work together – allows them to skillfully manipulate your spine to relieve pain and restore you to full function.

Neck pain and chiropractic care

Your neck is one of the most nerve-rich areas of your entire spine. Sensitive nerves branch off the spinal cord from in between tiny bony joints, transferring messages to and from your brain that control the rest of your body. Neck problems can cause problems throughout your body, and because the delicate cervical spine must pivot, rotate, raise, and lower your heavy head, it is highly susceptible to dislocation, injury, and being a source of pain when nerves and surrounding soft tissue become irritated. Minor neck pain typically involves sensations of discomfort, stiffness, or soreness. If your symptoms last for more than a day or so, are recurrent, or were caused by trauma, contact your Charlotte chiropractor for an examination to see if chiropractic care is appropriate for you.

Stress can lead to neck pain and chiropractic care

Stress is often a factor in the neck pain and chiropractic care connection. Physical, emotional, and even chemical stress can affect how frequently and severely you experience neck pain. For many people, stress sits in the neck and shoulders. Emotional stresses such as frustration, fear, and anger can trigger the tightening of our neck muscles without our even being aware of it until chronic muscle spasms set in. Traditional medicine generally prescribes pain medication in these cases, ignoring the underlying causes. Caring chiropractors like those at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte locate the source of your pain, correct it, and teach you how to eliminate the stressors that can bring it back or make it worse.

Have you been injured? Call a chiropractor in Charlotte

Have you been injured? Have you been in an accident? Do you suffer with neck pain? Contact a Charlotte chiropractor – they see patients with neck pain every day, and they are well-versed in effective treatment. Chiropractic care has a history of producing excellent results with neck pain, and success is achieved without drugs or surgery. Gentle spinal manipulations, or adjustments, in combination with other treatments including traction and neuromuscular electrical stimulation, help restore normal spinal motion while providing relief from pain.

Neck pain and chiropractic care is the kind of healthcare arrangement that can set you on the road to recovery. Call today, and make an appointment with the caring chiropractors in Charlotte, NC for a comprehensive examination and assessment of your pain. Begin the life of health and wellbeing that is possible when your body functions at full capacity, as it was designed to perform. When you talk with your Charlotte chiropractor, ask about the healing connection between neck pain and chiropractic care!

Doctors at ChiroCarolina® will gauge the duration of treatment depending on the severity of the condition, how often you have had the condition in the past, your age, and normal activity level. The treatment will be customized to your specific situation so that it will be the most effective.