Neck pain experts can offer you different options

Neck pain experts in Charlotte NC can help you overcome neck strain issues. When muscle or tendon fibers are overstretched and torn, neck strain occurs. You may have varying levels of pain as you recuperate over the course of a few days or weeks. Neck problems can develop gradually as a result of improper posture or suddenly, as is frequently the case with sports. Here is some information to keep in mind if you are feeling pain in this area.

Understanding neck pain

Seven vertebrae in the spinal column make up the neck region. This area is connected and supported by muscles and ligaments. Neck strain, often known as whiplash, can harm any of the ligaments and muscles in the neck. The two most affected by these problems are:

  • Every time your neck bends or turns, the levator scapulae, which runs from the side of the neck to the shoulder blade, is crucial. Restricted movement is a crucial sign of neck strain, which is frequently accompanied by pain.
  • The trapezius muscle crosses your shoulders and extends from the base of your skull half down your back. Any movement that involves going up and down involves the trapezius.

Neck strain causes

Taking into account this pattern, typical occurrences or behaviors causing neck tension include:

  • Poor alignment or posture, especially when the head is inclined or pushed too far forward. Sitting in front of a computer, gazing down at a phone or tablet, or holding a phone between your head and shoulder are daily activities that aggravate neck pain.
  • Lifting a cumbersome thing the neck muscles may get strained as a result of this activity, which can exert a lot of stress.
  • A fall or collision that causes a quick impact on the neck, back, and head.
  • Neck movements did repeatedly.
  • Not adequately warming up before a new exercise or giving your body time to acclimate.


Outside of a fall or accident, neck strain may resolve on its own, with symptoms going away after roughly a week. It can take up to 12 weeks for more serious wounds to fully recover.

If your injury seems to be less serious, it is advised that you:

  • Over the next two to three days, ice your neck every so often for 15 minutes.
  • After two to three days of icing, and only after the swelling has subsided, apply heat to your neck.
  • Utilize over-the-counter painkillers to reduce swelling.
  • Use a neck brace to provide support while you wait.
  • Modify your daily and athletic activity to prevent anything from aggravating the injury. Avoid anything that puts strain on the muscles and tendons.

Find the best neck pain expert in Charlotte NC

Getting the best treatment for your neck strain can help ease the discomfort. You should find the best neck pain expert in Charlotte for the best results.

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