Neck pain experts can offer safe adjustments for joint health

Neck pain experts in Charlotte NC insist on the need to look for a board-certified chiropractor to help avoid the risks. A chiropractor will use their hands or a tiny device to provide a controlled, abrupt push to a spinal joint during a chiropractic adjustment. This therapy, also known as spinal manipulation, aims to enhance spinal motion and enhance the physical performance of your body.

Why you need chiropractic adjustments

People seek chiropractic adjustments most frequently for low back pain, neck pain, and headaches.


When a chiropractor who is trained and certified to provide chiropractic care makes an adjustment, it is safe. Although they are generally uncommon, serious side effects from chiropractic adjustments can include:

  • A worsening of an already-existing disk herniation or a herniated disk
  • Lower spinal column nerves being compressed
  • A specific kind of stroke following neck manipulation

Note: If you have these illnesses don’t get a chiropractic adjustment.

  • Significant osteoporosis
  • Arm or leg numbness, tingling, or loss of strength
  • Spinal cancer
  • An elevated risk of stroke
  • Defined neck bone deformity

What to expect during chiropractic adjustments

Your chiropractor will inquire about your medical history and do a physical examination on your first visit, paying close attention to your spine. Additionally, your chiropractor might suggest additional examinations or testing, such X-rays.

Your chiropractor would often adjust you in a certain position to treat the troubled areas. On a padded chiropractic table that has been properly created, you are frequently laying face down. The chiropractor pushes a joint beyond its normal range of motion by applying a controlled, abrupt force with his or her hands. As the chiropractor manipulates your joints during the course of the treatment, you might hear popping or cracking sounds.

After receiving a chiropractic adjustment, some persons experience minor side effects for a few days. These could consist of pain in the areas of the body that were treated, exhaustion, or headaches.

Hire the best neck pain experts in Charlotte NC

Chiropractic adjustments are effective for managing low back pain and neck stiffness, but they must be done by a professional to avoid risks. Work with the best neck pain experts in Charlotte NC for a safe and effective treatment plan.

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