Neck pain and chiropractic care

How screen use impacts your health

Did you know that sitting behind a desk can have serious impacts on your health? You may have heard that the sedentary nature of most office jobs can lead to obesity and other health issues. However, the postural impacts of sitting in front of a computer can also cause neck pain, back pain, and other discomfort.

If you are suffering from this type of neck pain, seeing a chiropractor may help you. You can also practice some safety tips to reduce the risk of neck pain from screen usage, such as setting up your office in an ergonomic fashion and taking frequent breaks to stretch and walk around.

Neck pain from screen use

The problem with extended periods of screen usage is that it often places our bodies in an unnatural position. You may be twisted, hunched, looking down, or craning your neck when you are sitting in front of a monitor. As a result, you may experience neck pain.

Neck pain from screen usage can vary from an occasional twinge or soreness, to sharp and debilitating pain. If you start to experience neck or back pain as a result of your posture or position at work, you should consider seeing a chiropractor.

Seeing a chiropractor for neck pain

A chiropractor can offer safe, convenient, and natural neck pain relief for problems associated with screen use. When you visit a chiropractor, he or she will perform an adjustment, or manual manipulation.

The adjustment consists of the chiropractor using his or her hands to realign your spine. This can relieve nerve pressure and help reduce or resolve the pain you are feeling. The chiropractor may also give you some tips and tricks for healthy posture when you work in front of a screen.

Charlotte, NC chiropractor for neck pain

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