About neck pain

Neck pain can be frustrating to live with and stubborn to treat. In many cases, neck pain does not resolve on its own, or it may be chronic- coming back repeatedly. The proper course of treatment and expectation of recovery from neck pain will vary depending on the specific cause of the pain.

It can be a symptom of muscle aches or strains, a slipped disk, a pinched nerve, whiplash, a sprain, a spinal injury, and more. There are many ways that neck pain can develop. Some of the more common causes include repetitive motion, overexertion, car accidents, and sports injuries.

Knowing when to see the chiropractor

So how can you tell if your neck pain requires treatment from a chiropractor? It will take visiting an expert to be sure, but here are some signals that chiropractic care might be able to help you:

  • Your pain does not improve or resolve after several days
  • Certain everyday motions, like looking to the left and right, cause you pain
  • You are frequently taking over the counter or prescription pain killers to dull your neck pain
  • Your pain was the result of a specific injury like a car accident
  • You are experiencing other related symptoms, like headaches or numbness

Any of the above might indicate that it is a good idea to call a chiropractor.

How chiropractors will treat neck pain

Chiropractors address neck pain through manual manipulation, also called adjustments. The practitioner will use his or her hands to manipulate and re-align your spine. This can address the cause of your pain and relieve the nerve pressure that is giving you discomfort.

In many cases, multiple sessions might be required to achieve optimal results. Ask your chiropractor about the specific course of treatment that he or she recommends for your needs.

Finding your chiropractor in Charlotte NC

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