Neck pain from drivingNeck pain better treated through SMT

Truck drivers can be especially susceptible to issues with neck pain and back pain due to their profession. Long hours behind the wheel in a non-ergonomic position can add stress and pressure to the spine and neck. This is exacerbated by a lack of movement or stretching.

Truck drivers are also statistically more likely than other professions to experience injuries due to an auto accident. Statistically, the number of hours that they spend on the road leads to a higher incidence of involvement in crashes. This can also be a leading cause of truck driver neck pain.

Getting relief with chiropractic care

For many drivers and others that suffer from neck and back pain, chiropractic care can be an excellent option to help naturally resolve issues with pain and mobility. Chiropractic care does not require the use of prescription painkillers or surgery- both of which may impact a truck driver’s ability to do his or her job.

Instead, chiropractic care is a totally drug free and non-invasive approach.  Treatment from a chiropractor is centered around manual manipulation of the spine. The chiropractor will use his or her hands to make adjustments to spinal position that can relieve nerve pressure and alleviate pain.

Additionally, a good chiropractor may be able to give you some lifestyle recommendations that can help you avoid new or worsening pain in the future. This may include diet tips, stretching or exercising to perform regularly, ergonomics, or other small changes that will help keep you pain-free.

Many patients who seek chiropractic care find that it has benefits beyond just neck pain relief. In many cases, chiropractic care has been shown to boost circulation, improve respiration, and even aid in digestion. Seeing a chiropractor can be a smart choice for your overall health.

Finding your chiropractor in Charlotte NC

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