Neck pain can cause discomfort but your chiropractor helps you enjoy relief

Neck pain specialist in Charlotte NC has noticed a significant rise in the number of neck pain cases among most patients. The main reason for this is the increased use of computers and mobile phones which cause us to remain bent for many hours.

Most patients will ignore the neck pain assuming that it will go away after some time. This is possible, but there is a better chance that the ache can worsen or is a result of other serious underlying issues. The persistence of neck aches often causes mobility issues and can even affect your nerves.

This article highlights reasons why you should not overlook your neck ache.

The problem can be deeper than you expect

Muscle strain and nerve compression are the most frequent causes of chronic neck pain. It can be challenging to determine which of these is happening based on the symptoms you’re exhibiting. Activities that put a lot of uneven stress on one side of your neck account for the majority of muscular soreness. Particularly if the loads are large or if you’re using one side of your body to tote heavy items, like carrying a hefty bag over one shoulder, repetitive lifting is a common source of muscle strain around the neck. Muscle strain in your neck can also be brought on by sleeping in an unusual position or using a pillow that is inadequately supportive.

When one or more of the nerves in your neck are pinched or compressed as they leave your upper spine, this condition is known as nerve compression. Your shoulders, arms, and hands are all reached by the cervical spine’s exiting nerves, which also supply your hands and arms. The nerves in that region may become compressed if a disc in your cervical spine moves out of place or if the tissues in your neck swell and become irritated. As a result, everywhere along the nerve’s course, including your neck, you may experience pain and other symptoms.

Delaying treatment has serious consequences

Delaying therapy for a compressed nerve in the neck can result in shooting, electrical-like pain that travels down your arms and into your back. A pinched nerve can weaken your muscles over time, which might impair your ability to utilize your hands. Delaying care could lead to a lifetime of impairment because the harm could eventually become irreversible.

Work with the best neck pain specialist in Charlotte NC

Neck pain can be more complex than you think, so you should seek professional help immediately. Consult with the best neck pain specialist in Charlotte for the best results.

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