Do you experience concentrated stabbing pain around the neck? Perhaps you have a stick neck with a limited range of motion. Or maybe you have been experiencing soreness around the neck. If so, you have been suffering from neck pain. It is not only irritating but also frustrating.

What is neck pain?

Neck pain can involve easily ignored minor pain or excruciating pain. In some cases, this might indicate other serious medical conditions.

When suffering from neck pain, you are likely to have a stiff neck or tenderness around the neck. You can also experience radiating pain that can rotate from the neck to the shoulders.

People experience pain from now and then. Such pains can affect your working capabilities and sleeping style.

You should have the pain eliminated, whether caused by injuries, poor posture, or abnormal sleeping position. There are various ways to deal with neck pain, but none is effective and safe like chiropractic care.

How Charlotte chiropractors treat you

Chiropractic care is the most effective way to manage swelling and pain around the neck. Chiropractors offer a non-invasive prescription that is also addictive free.

In handling pain, there are various chiropractic techniques chiropractors apply. The first technique applied is cervical mobilization. This is a technique where the patient lies on their back. The chiropractor then moves the vertebra in their neck left to right and vice versa.

They also apply a motion to the neck that varies from side to side. This motion is smooth and nun thrust.

The other adjustment movement applied by chiropractors is the manual cervical traction. To perform the technique, the patient lies with the face-up. The patient can also be in an upright position.

In this technique, the chiropractor pulls on the neck gently to stretch the cervical spine. Experts pull the neck at varying angles, mainly forward and backward, depending on the patient’s comfort. In most cases, experts combine this technique with mobilization for effective results.

The other treatment method chiropractors apply is the cervical drop technique. This is where the patient lies on their stomach. The chiropractor then uses their hand or finger to adjust the spinal segment. They apply pressure on the spine gradually until they reduce the fixation or restricted motion of the cervical vertebra.

Let top Charlotte chiropractor handle your neck pain today

Neck pain can range from minor sore symptoms to major ones such as the stiff neck and whiplash after an accident. The most experienced chiropractor in Charlotte, NC, will help relieve body pains.

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