Neck pain as a result of a work related accidentneck pain and chiropractic care

Work related incidents are one of the leading causes of neck pain. There are two ways that a work accident can cause neck injury.

The most obvious is an injury such as a fall, collision, or car accident while driving for work. These situations generally result in sudden and acute neck pain.

A less apparent work-related cause of neck pain is repetitive motion and strain. In these instances, there is no specific injury event. Instead, neck pain may develop over time and become chronic or recurring as a result of the activities that you repeatedly perform at your job. This is common in production environments and trades that require physical work.

Issues with traditional treatments

Regardless of the cause, you will be looking for the most efficient and effective treatment for your neck pain. Two of the most commonly recommended remedies are prescription pain killers and surgery (depending on the severity of the injury). However, these just aren’t feasible for many workers.

Prescription pills may mask pain, but they don’t eliminate the cause. The issue can actually be exacerbated if you continue to perform operations that contribute to your pain. Pain pills can also impair your ability to do your job. Surgery can be risky, expensive, and require a lot of down-time, during which you will not be able to work.

How chiropractic care may be able to help

For many neck injuries, chiropractic care is an excellent option. Treatment from a chiropractor is safe, convenient, and does not require any downtime. There are no drugs involved- instead, the chiropractor will use his or her hands to perform manual adjustments. These adjustments can relieve the pressure that is causing your neck pain. One or more sessions may be able to provide a marked improvement in your pain level and mobility.

Finding a Charlotte NC chiropractor

If you would like to resolve your neck pain and avoid surgical intervention or prescription drugs, seeing a chiropractor might be an effective option for you. A consultation with a qualified chiropractor can help you understand if chiropractic care is a good fit for your needs. In the Charlotte NC area, consider scheduling an appointment with the expert staff atChiroCarolina®.

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