Neck pain can have various causes

Neck pain can arise for various reasons, and it is a common reason why people go to see a chiropractor in Charlotte NC. If you are currently experiencing this kind of pain, it’s best to seek out professional attention. This is a very common issue among people from different lifestyles and age groups. We’ll discuss how it comes about and what you can expect from chiropractic treatment.

Causes of neck pain

Neck trauma can happen suddenly or develop over time. Have you been in an accident recently? Whiplash is a neck injury that happens when someone is jolted in an accident. Another cause of neck pain is when someone is injured from a fall or other high-impact maneuver as might happen in certain sporting disciplines. Muscle strains, worn joints, diseases, and nerve compression can also lead to chronic pain in the neck. If you have poor posture and spend a lot of time crouched over a phone or computer, you may also find yourself developing an achy neck, which could become a more serious pain over time if you don’t implement some lifestyle and ergonomic changes.

Treatment options

As varied as the causes and type of neck pain out there, you might need to explore various treatment options. Accident victims often need to pursue immediate medical attention at the ER. If your case is not an emergency, then you can take a little more time to weigh out your options. Many sufferers visit their local chiropractors to treat their pain. Using this form of alternative medicine, there won’t be any medicines involved. Instead, the practitioner will determine the extent of your condition during an initial examination.

A chiropractor will usually treat the condition through manual manipulation of your muscles, joints, and nerves. If it is a more serious case, they can use the method of cervical manipulation to loosen the joints around the neck. This method of treatment is highly effective and gets down to the root of the problem. As a result, many patients of chiropractic care experience pain relief and permanent relief from their conditions after one or more treatment sessions, depending on how much care they need.

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