According to the State of Oregon Evidence-based Clinical Guidelines for the Evaluation and Management of Low Back Pain, spinal manipulation – the only non-pharmocological treatment for acute low back pain – is highly recommended. The guidelines are a joint effort of the Center for Evidence-based Practice, Oregon Corporation for Health Care Quality, the Center for Evidence-based Policy of the Oregon Health and Sciences University and the new Oregon Health Evidence Review Commission. The guidelines have been adopted by the Oregon Health Authority.

The Oregon Chiropractic Association stated that the original guidelines put too much emphasis on drugs and surgery, which prompted them to provide scientific clinical journal articles that validates the effectiveness of chiropractic care.

53% of reported instances of drug overdose in Oregon alone is associated with prescription opiods. If the mission of the Oregon Health Policy Board is to “lead Oregon to a more affordable, world-class health care system,” then it is in conflict with the statistics of drug overdose in the state. This is why the OCA is strongly recommending spinal manipulation ahead of the use of dangerous narcotics.

Dr. Saario of ChiroCarolina® agrees to the stand that OCA took. “There are many natural remedies patients can make use of before resorting to dangerous narcotics,” he said, “It’s time that people learn more about chiropractic care.”

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