As technology advanced further so are the physical pain brought by popular gadgets and computer items. The American Chiropractic Association cited these items as sometimes harmful to physical health of users if not used moderately and appropriately. Although, most of these items make life more convenient, its effect on a user’s muskoskeletal system can pose threat and can therefore become a health deficit in the future.


ChiroCarolina® a local chiropractic clinic in Charlotte NC, joins the celebration of the chiropractic health month by promoting proper and responsible usage of these gadgets and computer items to promote over-all healthy living. These become health threats when usage is abused with improper posture and handling. The most common health related issues these items contribute are neck pain, back pain and wrist pain which often leads to carpal tunnel syndrome.


The good news is, this type of body pain can be prevented with proper usage of gadgets, stretching and exercise. Although chiropractic care often treats muskoskeletal pain through different techniques, all individuals responsibility also relies on proper diet and exercises. ChiroCarolina® believes that chiropractic care paired with holistic care and prevention can lead to a healthy life for all individuals. |For more information about ChiroCarolina® visit




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