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Have you been told that you need surgery to correct your Charlotte low back pain? In the rarest of cases, surgery may be required for a few individuals, but the New England Journal of Medicine has reported that surgery is overused for the treatment of back pain. This time of year, countless patients complain that their back pain is increasingly worse because there has been so much to do when summertime hits. From family vacations to sports activities, to gardening and yard work; we start the summer with enthusiasm only to be sidetracked by crippling back pain. Chiropractic care offers natural and pain free treatment for low back pain without the use of harmful pain medication.

Back pain and lifestyle

Back pain can cause us to miss work, limit our interaction with our family, and stop us from participating in a host of summertime activities. It has been documented that over 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. That is an extremely high number, but we must remember that our spine is placed under tremendous strain whether we are working or playing.

Is surgery necessary?

Thankfully, there are natural solutions that allow us to conservatively treat the specific cause of our back pain. In our rush to take medication, we forget that pain is just a symptom; it is an indicator that something is wrong. The chiropractor’s job is to find out the cause of your pain, and to repair it the best that he or she can. If you or a loved one is suffering from back pain, there is no need to rush off to get surgery. A startling fact is that the rate of all types of back surgery is more than 40% higher in the United States than it is anywhere else in the world. Additionally, it should be noted that surgery can fail to improve the outcome, and in some cases, it can even make the condition worse.

Support for chiropractic treatments

There are numerous studies that support the use of conservative, non-surgical treatments for back pain. In fact, it is actually recommended that patients undergo at least one year of conservative care and treatments before resorting to surgery. Chiropractic care has proven to be successful when it comes to healing the spine and the back problems that cause your pain. In many cases, patients can receive pain relief and repair of their spine in just a few short months. Consult with a Charlotte Doctor of Chiropractic to see if conservative chiropractic care can repair the cause of your lower back pain.

The best Charlotte chiropractic back pain treatment

Do not resort to guessing the cause for your pain. The doctors at ChiroCarolina® are experts at the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain. They offer several treatment modalities that are effective for the elimination of lower back pain. It is time to improve your spinal health and your quality of life. Call their office to experience chiropractic care for Charlotte low back pain.


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