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Getting help for your whiplash from your Charlotte chiropractor

Your need to seek chiropractic care for whiplash began in a seemingly insignificant way; you just missed being involved in a car accident just down the street from your home in Charlotte NC. Up ahead, a child ran out into the street to chase a ball. Drivers heading in both directions, including you, stood on their brakes to avoid hitting the child and each other. You swerved into the ditch, and slammed to a stop. The hot flash of pain in your neck came and went away quickly.

Invisible injuries that your Charlotte chiropractor can assess

It was easy to minimize any injury you might have sustained in this almost-accident, because all you did was brake and swerve; you never actually hit anything. You returned home, glad nobody was hurt. The next day, however, the pain in your neck was beginning to worry you; you visited the emergency room. There, you were given a clean bill of health, but received a prescription to reduce painful muscle spasms. The medical doctor told you they were likely brought on by the whiplashing motion you experienced inside your car when braking, swerving and stopping in such a violent manner.

Pain in the neck

For the few days you took the pain medication, your felt better and once again had reason to thank your lucky stars you had not been hurt. However, after the pain pills were gone, your neck was hurting again, and your back began to hurt, too. Clearly, something was wrong. You asked your medical doctor to re-examine you for overt injury, but he found none and prescribed more pain medicine. You wondered if there is a better treatment for your neck and back pain.

Charlotte chiropractors to the rescue

Remembering that one of your co-workers had been pleased with the chiropractic care for whiplash she had received from the doctors of chiropractic at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte, you telephoned for an evaluation. After a comprehensive physical examination and inspection of your spine, your Charlotte chiropractor explained that some of the vertebrae in your cervical spine had been forced out of position during your accident, causing muscle spasms and nerve damage. He prescribed a series of spinal manipulations, adjustments, and stretching exercises to help get your spine realigned properly.

You felt relief almost immediately, and were pleased to know that it was not just your pain which was being treated, but the cause of your pain was being corrected, as well. Chiropractic care for whiplash is an excellent example of the holistic approach doctors of chiropractic take to help you achieve, and maintain, a strong and fully functioning spine which supports your health.

Chiropractic care is a holistic approach to health care

Chiropractic care is based on making sure your spine is performing at its optimum to allow full range of motion and to protect and support the spinal cord. When various segments of the spine are forced out of alignment, the discs in between vertebrae can shift, swell, or rupture, causing pain and interfering with nerves which exit the spine through or near the injured area. With localized injuries in the neck, pain, numbness and tingling are common. Lower back pain often results from the initial neck trauma, affected by compromised nerve messaging to the extremities spinal misalignments can cause.

Whatever convinced you to seek chiropractic care for whiplash, be grateful, because you now know the benefits of chiropractic care and its effect on your overall health and well-being. Share the benefits of chiropractic care with your friends. Tell them about ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte NC, and urge anyone who has suffered neck injury in an auto accident to seek chiropractic care for whiplash!


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