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There is hope for Charlotte NC patients seeking relief from low back pain which does not involve taking pain medications. Low back pain, second only to the common cold as a cause of lost days at work, is so common that oftentimes folks just accept it as a normal part of life, something to be endured. Indeed, much of the time, low back pain goes away by itself in a couple of months whether you take pain pills or not.

Chiropractic care offers relief from back pain

Non-specific back pain is pain that does not stem from a known condition such as cancer, a slipped disk, a compressed nerve, or a fracture. If you have non-specific back pain, consider it as good news. The protocol for relief from back pain in traditional medicine often involves the use of prescription medicine which can leave patients feeling drugged. While there is no one perfect treatment for everyone, in most cases, chiropractic care for relief from low back pain has proven to be more effective than medications. When chiropractic care continues after the initial pain subsides, it has also been shown to reduce risk of back pain recurrences.

Causes of low back pain

Back pain is a symptom, the causes of which often involve disease or injury to the muscles, bones, or nerves of the spine. During examination, your Charlotte chiropractor will consider whether your back pain may arise from problems within your abdominal, pelvic or chest organs, or from disorders such as kidney disease, pelvic infections, ovarian disorders, appendicitis, among others, which can cause pain referred to the back. Normal pregnancy can also result in referred back pain when stretched pelvic ligaments irritate nerves, putting strain on the low back. Other causes of low back pain may stem from nerve root problems such as a herniated disc or sciatica; these produce nerve impingement symptoms of sharp pain, and numbness or weakness in the leg receiving its nerve supply from a compressed nerve.

Chiropractic care to reduce risk of back pain

The treatment plan designed by Charlotte chiropractors like those at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte NC to give relief from back pain typically includes gentle spinal manipulation and adjustment, specific exercises, stretching, and the advice to move as normally as possible. With chiropractic care, your treatment will not include drugs. Time was, doctors advised people with low back pain to take pain pills and stay in bed for three days, preferably with a board under their mattress. That turned out to be very bad advice, actually making back pain worse. Charlotte chiropractors today advise that you maintain as normal a range of activities as you can manage, but back off if your back hurts. By doing regular activities, you actually keep your back conditioned and strong.

If you are seeking relief from low back pain, or searching for a therapeutic approach which has been shown to reduce risk of back pain, contact the caring doctors at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte NC. These Charlotte chiropractors can help with current symptoms, and help you to achieve a high level of spinal health and function that can lift your enjoyment of life and your sense of well-being. Call today, and see how easy relief from low back pain can be!


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