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Chiropractic care for your low back pain

If you need relief from low back pain, you are not alone. More than 80 percent of Charlotte NC residents will, at some time in their lives, suffer from lower back pain. Low back pain is the number one cause of workers compensation claims, and is responsible for more than $50 billion in lost production and medical care costs each year. Latest research indicates that most lower back problems do not fully resolve without treatment and proper rehabilitation, contrary to previous beliefs. How can you get relief from back pain?

Chiropractic care for low back pain

More and more frequently, back pain sufferers are rejecting pain medications which simply dull pain, choosing instead to correct the source of their pain.  Much of the training a doctor of chiropractic receives is specifically aimed at identifying and successfully treating lower back conditions. General medical training generally lacks adequate focus on this area, discounting physical treatments which can most effectively identify and treat most back conditions without the use of drugs or surgery.

Real relief from low back pain

Charlotte chiropractors are among the field of health care leaders in the treatment of low back pain and other spinal conditions. Treatments are gentle, safe, natural, noninvasive and highly effective. Also, the treatments are designed to correct the root cause of your problem and not simply cover up the symptoms you experience. Learn more about the various conditions which chiropractic care can correct from the well-trained doctors of chiropractic at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte.

Origins of low back pain

Many tissues in your body can generate low back pain, and for many patients, the specific cause of their pain cannot be determined. Non-specific back pain does not mean, however, that you must continue to suffer. While specific tissues causing low back pain are difficult to identify, a number of factors are consistently present in low back pain patients. These factors include problems in the structure of their spines, spinal misalignments, weak spinal musculature, and poor posture. By addressing these factors, the actual origins of tissue injuries which cause low back pain, your Charlotte chiropractors are able to obtain extraordinary results.

Structural sources of lower back pain

  • The lumbar region of your spine contains areas susceptible to injury: they include
  • intervertebral discs
  • facet joints and joint capsules
  • lumbar and pelvic muscles and ligaments
  • lumbar and sacral spinal nerves
  • spinal deviation, such as scoliosis
  • sacroiliac joints

Reduce risk of back pain

You can reduce risk of low back pain with regular chiropractic care to achieve and maintain a fully functioning spine that does the job it was designed to do. Common events contributing to lower back pain include

  • incomplete recovery and rehabilitation from past injury
  • auto accident
  • improper lifting techniques
  • improper workstation setup
  • prolonged sitting or repetitive twisting motion
  • exposure to vibratory forces  like driving truck, operating a jack hammer
  • fallen foot arches and other foot abnormalities
  • poor posture
  • physical inactivity
  • poor diet and nutritional, smoking

You can help reduce your risk of low back pain by limiting these contributors, and by seeing your Charlotte chiropractor on a regular basis.

Join other Charlotte NC patients and choose chiropractic care for relief from low back pain. Make an appointment for gentle, safe and effective treatment at ChiroCarolina®, and experience what true relief from back pain can bring to your life.


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