Donald Barett, a filmmaker who had been involved in 33 documentaries, one of which is “Scared Straight,” which won an Emmy Award for Best Documentary, the George Foster Peabody Award for Best Public Service Programming and the first program to win the Academy Award for Best Documentary.

“Pain in America” the 34th installation to his amazing works, in which he is the writer, producer, and director, is expected for multimedia release including television, theater, DVD or Blu-Ray and online release in early 2013 and currently in pre-production. The film centers its documentary of the chronic pain epidemic and is aiming to elevate the public’s view on chiropractic. It also aims to unite physicians, chiropractors and other health care professionals.

For the documentary to be uniquely interesting and visual, Barett is said to be pulling out his bags of tricks as a filmmaker which includes computer graphics, special effects and in the first 30 seconds, the program will be running 100 million people on screen to provide a sense of proportion. The film will also include narratives as well as interviews with doctors of chiropractic and their patients, health care administrators, chiropractic college faculty, staff and students. The film would like to educate the public about chiropractic care and encourage the youth to consider the profession as a commitment. A 53-second “Pain Ballet” is also included in the film to demonstrate the reasons why there’s a need to see a chiropractor.

Barett admitted seeking chiropractic help for back pain, which he’s been suffering from for decades. Being skeptical is a natural reaction before seeking chiropractic help but a regimen of adjustment and exercises under the care of June Rogers, DC changed this perspective as his back troubles disappeared. His usual work in the hard sciences was set aside when he was convinced that chiropractic treatment really works but does not get enough media coverage to inform the public.

A report showed that 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pains and according to Barett, this problem can be addressed if the various health care professionals will unite and work together by giving the public awareness about alternative treatments.

The pre-production began on the 1st of July. Principal photography commencement will be at the Florida Chiropractic Association Convention. For seven weeks, the production team will travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific to shoot. Original CGI will also be created to bring the subject to life.

The documentary will be theatrically released, but will be limited for the consideration of Academy Award Qualification. It will also be played three times in PBS internationally and will be on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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