Dec. 13, 2012 – Professional golfers who suffer from muskoskeletal pain rely on chiropractors to help them stay in shape during their competitions. Household names like Tiger Woods, David Duval and Padraig Harrington believes that chiropractic care is one of the best alternative to improve their body’s condition before they compete in any games. Dr. Richardson a noted chiropractic doctor points out that the most common injuries golfers experience are sprains, strains and tendonitis brought by the repetitive movements they perform during practice and competitions. Dr. Richardson points out the importance of chiropractic care to prevent injuries like these. He mentioned that proper and pro-active conditioning of athletes are very important.

ChiroCarolina® a Charlotte Chiropractic office believe that chiropractic care plays a vital role in achieving the full potential of athletes through proper conditioning and care. Through chiropractic care, bodily injuries are preventable and if muskoskeletal damages or injuries take place, chiropractic treatment and therapy can be employed to relieve patients from pain and to bring back the injured part of the body back to its original if not its top shape. For more information about ChiroCarolina® visit: