Auto Accident ChiropractorHow an auto accident chiropractor can help with a car crash injury

Automobiles today are safer than ever before, but there is an ever increasing demand for auto accident chiropractors. The reason for this demand is because the human body was not designed to withstand the tremendous forces encountered in a car accident. Even if a car accident occurs at extremely low speeds, the impact can cause a serious amount of damage to your body. Studies show that many serious injuries actually take place in accidents under 20 miles per hour. Imagine the extent of damage that one can receive in a high speed car crash.

When the pain finally hits

There are dozens of car accidents every day in Charlotte, NC. Many individuals that are involved in an accident fail to get immediate care, thinking that they are uninjured because they do not experience any initial pain. In most cases, pain is the way our body lets us know that something is wrong. By the same token, just because one does not experience pain does not mean that he or she is not hurt. The fact is that almost all car accidents cause damage to the body to some degree. In the aftermath of an accident, many individuals experience shock, which blocks the body from feeling pain. Depending on the individual, some will experience pain the next day, while for others it can takes weeks or months for their injuries to be revealed.

Chiropractic care for car accident injury

Chiropractors specialize in natural and alternative medicine. Their expertise lies in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders that affect the neuromusculoskeletal system. Among the many treatments at their disposal, chiropractors will gently manipulate the positions of vertebrae as a means to alleviate pain and maintain optimal health. Patients who visit a chiropractor after a car crash must be very specific, telling the chiropractor as much as possible about the car crash. This will allow the auto accident chiropractor to properly evaluate all the parts of the body that may be affected.

After an initial evaluation, the chiropractor will want to take an X-ray image as part of a complete evaluation of your neck and back. After he or she has completed the examination and has made a diagnosis, the auto accident chiropractor will provide you with a treatment plan in which the first priority is to relieve your pain and then to help you fully recover.

Car accident chiropractor in Charlotte, NC

For many years, Charlotte has been one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Just observing all the traffic in the city and the surrounding areas, it is easy to see that traffic accidents are a common occurrence. If you find yourself to be an unlucky victim of a car accident, do not make the common mistake of failing to get medical attention, even if you do not feel any pain right away. Do not suffer with chronic pain from an automobile accident. Take charge of your care and get the help you need from Charlotte’s top auto accident chiropractors, the doctors at ChiroCarolina®.


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