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Improve your posture to help get rid of mid back pain

If you experience mid back pain or tension across your upper back and shoulder blades, suffer frequent headaches, or have problems flexing your legs comfortably, you probably have poor posture. Mid back pain is a common result of poor posture, a residual effect of over-using some muscles while under-using others. You can get relief from mid back pain and help in correcting muscle imbalance with chiropractic care in Charlotte NC.

Stressed muscles lead to mid back pain

When you sit or stand using poor posture, your body weight shifts unevenly, causing some muscles to feel chronically tight and sore while allowing others to grow weak from underuse. Imbalanced muscles create an uneven pull on the bones in your spine, shoulders, and hips, thereby causing misalignment to your spine and stress to your spinal nerves. Nerve stress leads to even tighter muscles, and the vicious cycle goes on and on. This pattern of stress and pain, leading to more stress and more pain, is common to people with mid back pain, shoulder and upper back pain, and headaches.

Breaking the cycle of stress and pain

You can break the cycle of stress and pain, in part, by improving your posture. Sitting straighter and standing straighter can certainly decrease new stresses; however, improved biomechanics will not correct spinal misalignment issues that have developed over years of poor posture. Chiropractic care, beginning with a spinal adjustment, can correct your spinal problems, relieve nerve pressure and stress, and help your healing muscles to readjust and recover flexibility so you feel more comfortable.

Chiropractic care for mid back pain

Chiropractic treatment for mid back pain generally consists of gentle adjustments of the mid-spine and ribs. Ice may be used to help reduce the swelling so often associated with mid back pain. Eliminating pain entirely involves a chiropractic treatment plan designed especially for your mid back pain. Chiropractic care for mid back pain typically includes spinal manipulations that support healing by opening bony joints that irritate nerves, and an exercise regimen to strengthen the large muscles in your mid-back and between your shoulder blades, helping restore proper alignment in your spine.

Sit up and take notice of your mid back pain

A sedentary lifestyle contributes to mid back pain; it is often a result of sitting hunched over a computer at work all day long, and then relaxing in front of a television in the evening. Mid back muscles become weak and the muscles in the front of your body get overly tight, resulting in mid back pain. Remember, our bodies are designed to move, so when we adopt a lifestyle that goes against system design, we have to expect negative results. If you work all day sitting down, be sure your work station is ergonomically correct to allow your body to work at its best. Get up and stretch periodically, climb stairs instead of taking the elevator, and if you cannot squeeze in a walk at lunchtime, at least park your car in a place where you have to walk a little to get to work.

For mid back pain in Charlotte, NC, call the caring and experienced chiropractors at ChiroCarolina® for a spinal check to see if chiropractic care will benefit you. Call us today, and ask for relief from your mid back pain.


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