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When you talk with your Charlotte chiropractor, ask about the relationship between specific spinal injuries and dysfunction in your central nervous system. Most people understand that chiropractic care helps conditions such as herniated discs, whiplash, shoulder pain, and neck and back pain. Many people are surprised, though, to learn that chiropractic care is equally effective for headaches, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other conditions that result from nerve irritation brought about by misaligned or subluxated areas in the spine.

Chiropractic care for nerve irritation

Many headaches are a result of auto injuries, sinus difficulties, and other neck-related or nerve-related symptoms. Irritated nerves in the neck can lead to head pain that travels from the neck to the top of the skull and around the ears, sometimes radiating into the face or eyes. These headaches can benefit greatly from chiropractic care. Carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia sufferers report high satisfaction with chiropractic care, as well. Whatever type of pain you have, a thorough chiropractic evaluation can help locate the cause of your pain, help to relieve it, and send you on your way to an overall healthier life.

Choosing a Charlotte chiropractor

The selection process for choosing a Charlotte chiropractor is relatively simple: ask friends for references. Getting personal recommendations regarding healthcare providers will be as important as checking their credentials and licensure in North Carolina, because you and your Charlotte chiropractor will work together toward achieving and maintaining health for you and your family. With similar training in the healing arts that traditional medical doctors receive, your Charlotte chiropractor has earned a four year degree at a chiropractic school. Instead of learning to treat illnesses and injuries with medications and surgeries, your Charlotte chiropractor undertook a deep study of physiology to better understand how all the different parts of your body function together for full health. Medical doctors focus more on pathology at this stage of their training, studying the effects of disease on the body and how to treat those effects with medications. Talk with your Charlotte chiropractor about the differences between traditional medicine and chiropractic care.

The connection between the spine and brain

Your brain controls and coordinates all your bodily functions, mostly through messaging via the spinal cord. It goes without saying that the spine must be working properly for that transfer to occur. When there is restriction in your central nervous system, it is easy to understand how a malfunction could occur. Your Charlotte chiropractor will evaluate the areas of the spine that are known to be associated with the major symptoms you report. If he or she finds significant difficulty in that particular region of your spine, you are likely a candidate for chiropractic care and can look forward to a satisfying healing experience from a drug-free, surgery-free treatment.

Talk with your Charlotte chiropractor. Call the experts at ChiroCarolina® to learn more about chiropractic care, and begin a healthcare program with a holistic approach that can help you achieve and maintain a high level of health, a fully functioning body structure, and an overall sense of well-being. Talk with your Charlotte chiropractor today.


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