Talk with your Charlotte chiropractorNo one likes a complainer

It is important to talk with your Charlotte chiropractor about your aches and pains. We live in a culture where aches and pains are an expected part of everyday living. Consequently, anyone who pays any significant attention to their aches and pains are considered a whiner or a complainer. Pain plays a very important role in protecting our health. Pain lets us know that something is wrong. If we ignore aches and pains, eventually they become full-blown problems that can sideline you from exercising, eating, and sleeping properly. Then you will gradually develop more health problems. It is recommended that you talk with your Charlotte chiropractor if your aches and pains persist longer than a few days. Give your practitioner a chance to deal with the issue when it is easily treatable. If you ignore your aches and pains, they can develop into a chronic injury that could require months of treatment before you heal.

See a chiropractor for back pain

Back pain is second only to the common cold as the most prevalent affliction to mankind. An astounding 70-90% of us will experience some type of back problem. When it comes to your back and neck, seek immediate chiropractic care at the first sign of aches and pains. Talk with him or her about daily home-care strategies that can help you maintain your strength and activity level. Proper exercise and good posture should become a daily habit, just like daily dental flossing.

Proper footwear

Wear proper footwear for walking, exercise, and work to prevent needless injuries. Ask your chiropractor for specific information. Women should try to minimize the time spent in high heels. Try to alternate between wearing heels and flats. If you must wear heels, try to keep them less than 2 inches. Look for square heels instead of stilettos. Wear them as little as possible by commuting to and from work in walking shoes and then change into heels when at work. Wearing high heels contributes to toe pain, numbness, and deformities of the foot such as hammer toes, bunions, and corns. High heels are also responsible for knee, hip, and back pain.

Proper sitting and standing posture

If your job requires you to work at a desk, then a significant percentage of your day is spent in the sitting position. Sitting for prolonged periods of time with slouched or awkward posture dramatically increases your chances of developing neck and back pain. Poor sitting posture places tremendous strain on your spine joints, discs, and muscles. It is imperative to sit with proper posture and to periodically interrupt long periods of sitting by standing up, bending, and stretching

Talk to a Charlotte chiropractor

At ChiroCarolina®, chiropractic care is focused on state of the art treatments to relieve pain. ChiroCarolina® makes sure that the patients of Charlotte, NC, receive compassionate and quality care the moment that they walk in the door. Their doctors and staff truly care about the comfort and well being of their patients. Call our office today if you want to talk with your Charlotte chiropractor about the pain that concerns you.


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