Best Charlotte Chiropractor in Charlotte, NCWhat is little league elbow?

Increasing numbers of young baseball players, especially pitchers, are coming down with “Little League elbow,” and of course when treatment is needed, the best charlotte chiropractic care can provide nonsurgical treatment. Little League elbow is a common injury that is associated with throwing. It is most common in pitchers, but also is reported amongst every other position for these young players.

Little League elbow is the result of overuse and repetitive stress to the growth plate on the inside of the elbow.


Little League elbow usually is described as general soreness and occasionally a distinct painful pop may be felt. Young athletes often will ignore their symptoms so they can continue playing the sport. As the condition progresses, young athletes may experience aching, sharp pain, and swelling on the inside of the elbow. Advanced stages of the injury may include small loose bodies or bone chips, or bone spurs. Consider the following tips to prevent throwing injuries:

Warm up properly

It is well documented that cold muscles are more prone to injury. The young athlete should perform a full body warm up followed by slow, gentle stretching of the arms and shoulders, holding each stretch for 30 seconds.

Proper mechanics when throwing

Poor throwing motions will place undue stress on the elbow and shoulder. It is important that players receive skilled instruction in proper throwing mechanics. Pitching emphasis should focus on gaining control, and developing a command of the strike zone.

Get early treatment

Early identification and treatment is one of the most important factors for preventing the development of throwing injuries. Young players should not be encouraged to ignore pain or to “play through it.” Save that decision for the professionals. This way of thinking can only lead to more serious complications that may not heal easily. However, if caught early, chiropractic care can provide proper treatment for most youth throwing injuries. Your best Charlotte chiropractor will recommend a combination of therapy, rest, and rehabilitative exercises.

The best Charlotte chiropractic treatment for young athletes

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