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Whiplash for a strong man- not what you would expect

To say that I was strong was an understatement, I could lift heavy things, over long distances I could outrun most people, and I worked 18 hour days and enjoyed the stamina of a bull. Yes, on some days I thought I was like superman, even though I knew I was not invincible; a recent automobile accident proved that. I hated to admit it, but I went from strong to weak overnight, I was in constant pain and needed chiropractic care for whiplash. Aside from a few bruises, the only evidence that I had been in an accident was the pain in my neck and back. No amount of rest, or over-the-counter pain medications helped me get rid of it. At first I ignored it thinking it will get better after a few days, I was wrong, it only got worse. Not only do I feel pain in my head and neck, I also cannot move around properly.

Seeking Charlotte chiropractors for my whiplash

I heard about Charlotte chiropractors and decided I should give it a try. I learned exactly what happens to a person when they encounter vehicular accidents. When we are sitting in our car with our seat belts and we hit something, this causes our body to move forward because of the impact, but since we are restrained only our head moves forward and back causing what we know as whiplash. This can happen even if you are driving with a slow speed and not only car collisions cause this, it can also result from sports accidents and falling. Not all patients feel pain and stiffness of the neck immediately; some may not feel this until after a few days. It is important to consult your doctor when subjected to an accident to make sure that you have not sustained any injuries like whiplash.

Chiropractic care is a great treatment for patients like me because not only does it relieve our neck pain, it also fix the main source of the pain. It does not require surgery, and most importantly, no medication is used, thus, there are no side effects from any drugs. Contrary to what you may have heard, there is no twisting done on any part of your body. Chiropractors will only use their hands to manipulate the cervical vertebrae of our neck bringing it to its proper alignment. This is not a hit and miss treatment, the Charlotte chiropractors will determine the exact areas of your spinal restriction through extensive diagnosis and x-ray after deciding whether you are a good candidate.

Chiropractic care for whiplash for people living in Charlotte NC

ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte provides pain relief from whiplash and injuries sustained in the neck, head, and back. Years of great service has proven that they are trustworthy and effective in giving treatment. The doctors have extensive knowledge and training in chiropractic care and they are concerned about your overall health. Give them a call to schedule an appointment and make your pain go away. Chiropractic care for whiplash is easier than you might think, check out ChiroCarolina® today.


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