neck pain and chiropractic care

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Increasing cases of neck pain

Neck pain and need a chiropractor is a reason parents bring their kids for chiropractic care in Charlotte. Children should be regularly monitored, because they rarely complain even if they experience pain in their back, neck or other joints. Sometimes we do our children a disservice when we casually characterize this problem as ‘growing pains’. As your child continues to develop, the pain can be exacerbated by spending hours at a desk or on their hand-held devices. Our specific concern is when students carry overloaded or improperly worn backpacks. This usually leads to poor posture, causing stress on the soft tissue in your neck and back. If your student complains of neck pain, this is an area where chiropractic care may be helpful.

Backpacks and neck pain

Backpacks are an excellent way to carry books, lunch, and other items a student needs for school or recreation. They can also be a source of discomfort and/or injury to the soft tissue in the neck and back. Over time, misuse and excessive overloading can result in:

  • Poor posture
  • Strain and pain in the neck, back and shoulders
  • Spinal compression and/or improper alignment
  • Stress or compression of nerves in the shoulders and arms; causing tingling, numbness, or weakness in the arms or hands.

Risk for spine and nerve damage

Particularly when it comes to elementary-aged students, the spine and neck are very easily affected by stress. In addition, their bones are continuously changing in size and density. Misalignment of the spine can lead to problems related to damage or pinching of nerves passing through vertebrae. The average weight of a backpack belonging to the typical student is around 15 pounds. This puts most youngsters at risk of putting pressure on the nerves that run from the neck, across the shoulders, and down the front of the arms.

The proper way to use a backpack

Understanding the proper way to wear a backpack will avoid many issues for both students and adults. Make sure that the straps are adjusted to carry the weight equally on both shoulders. If the weight is distributed unevenly, or if only one strap is used, the wearer must compensate for the load by leaning in the opposite direction. Additionally, they will strain to keep the head and neck in an upright position. Continuing to wear a backpack improperly for weeks or months can cause serious back and neck problems.

Choosing the right backpack

You can prevent neck pain and back pain by:

  • Choosing the right backpack for your child
  • Making sure that he or she understands how important it is to wear it properly
  • Every backpack should fit appropriately
  • Backpacks be designed to allow weight to be evenly distributed
  • Shoulder straps should be wide and well-padded
  • Look for backpacks that have a strap that fastens across the chest; evenly distributing weight across the back and shoulders

Neck pain and need a chiropractor -Care you can count on for neck pain in Charlotte

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