Do you remember the huge theft of more than 380,000 names and social security numbers belonging to Boeing Co. workers and retired staff a while ago? All of these employees were put at high risk of having their identity and credit card data stolen, since the stolen files contained home addresses, as well as phone numbers and birth dates. How did all this happen? Because a laptop was left unattended for a while. It could happen to anyone, you might say? Not when you are responsible for a company with hundreds or thousands of employees that is manufacturing important products that are on high demand – like a pharmaceutical company. If you do not believe there are lots of risks that a manufacturing facility could be going through, you are going to have another thing coming. Not only will your competitors try to steal your secrets and launch products using your own research, but you might also end up having your storages burglarized.

Security? Assume The Worst!

Never assume “it won't happen” to you. Always assume the worst case scenarios when thinking about your security. No one tried to climb a tall building wall, break a window and steal important files from a safe? That only happens in the movies? Someone will most definitely try to do it soon enough, and you might be their very first victim. A good lock on the entry door is a good start; but is definitely not all you need to ensure a good degree of protection for you and your company.

Process control, as well pharmaceutical data management and personnel areas all need to respect proper procedures and safety policies 24/7. The truth of the matter is excellent security is best measured by the things that don’t actually happen.

Instill The Best Security Policies

These policies work best at setting the basis for comprehensive security programs. They inform all users, as well as staff members and company managers on all of the rules and requirements they will need to respect in order to protect company assets. These policies also need to include clear details on the way the hardware and software processes will be accessed in order not to create vulnerabilities. Data protection is as important as the securing of physical equipment.

An office locksmith service like the one provided by the Authorized Locksmiths company that serves the needs of nationwide customers is an excellent start. If you are not sure how to effectively assess the level of risk associated to your pharmaceutical company, you are strongly advised to get in touch with a professional. A commercial locksmith like the one you can find by calling (855) 369-2491 can quickly rekey your broken locks, change old locks, help you out during an accidental office lockout emergency and help you never jeopardize the safety of your personnel, research, and equipment.

This service works extremely fast; once you place a call at their dispatch team, they will immediately send over a crew to your address that should get there within 20 minutes. Expect modern tools and lock picking or repairing procedures like state of the art dead bolts, mortise locks, panic bars, electric locks, cylinder locks for high security doors and mortise doors – each of them suited for various parts of your building. As long as you have organized a specialized team responsible for security across the enterprise and are ready to invest in security features by identifying the real value of your critical corporate assets, you should be well protected.