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Seek chiropractic care for mid back pain

If you suffer from mid back pain, you know how it can diminish your quality of life. Back pain affects millions of people every day, making it one of the most common types of chronic pain. There are several different types of back pain, but they generally fall into one of four categories: mechanical back pain, back pain caused by injury, back pain caused by disease and back pain resulting from infection.

Anatomy of the thoracic spine

The word thoracic refers to the chest, so your thoracic spine includes the portion of the spine that relates to your chest area. The upper spine includes twelve small bones, some of which attach to a rib on either side of the spine, and some attach to the breastbone in front. This thoracic cage supports and protects vital internal organs — your heart, lungs and liver. Your spine also protects the central nervous system, which manages feeling, movement, messaging to and from your brain regarding nutrients, hormones and other chemicals needed to sustain life, growth, and repair.

Back pain caused by mechanical problems

Mechanical problems with your spinal column, or with surrounding muscles, can make you susceptible to back pain. These mechanical conditions include scoliosis, herniated disk, muscle tension, kyphosis or lordosis – hump back or sway back – and disc degeneration. Any of these mechanical problems can severely interfere with the full functioning of your spine, with resulting decreased range of motion and associated pain. Chiropractic care can help manage pain and provide the right environment to support healing and restoration of more complete function.

Mid back pain caused by injury

Accidents such as a car crash or a fall, and repetitive motions or chronically improper biomechanical actions, are common sources of injuries that cause back pain. These injuries range widely, from spinal fractures to muscle sprains and strains, to ligament damage. Chiropractic care can not only soothe your pain, but help your body heal by correcting the damage done by injury.

Back pain caused by diseases or conditions

Diseases or conditions can cause back pain either by targeting the back directly or by placing excessive strain on the back. Arthritis, pregnancy, kidney stones, endometriosis, spinal stenosis, and fibromyalgia often result in mid back pain. Osteoporosis does not cause back pain directly, but can lead to painful spinal fractures. By restoring fuller function to your spine, chiropractic care maintains your body at a high level of performance while it deals with these diseases and conditions.

Chronic back pain caused by infection

Infections or tumors, though infrequent, are another potential cause of chronic back pain. Examples include osteomyelitis, spinal abscesses or tumors, and disc infections. How can chiropractic care help mid back pain caused by infection? Chiropractic care, whether from spinal manipulation, traction, massage, muscle stimulation, or other chiropractic procedures, provides an added boost to your immune system by creating the state of rest your body needs to heal, repair tissues, and fight off infection.

For mid back pain, see your licensed Charlotte chiropractor. He or she has the training necessary to give your body its best chance to heal where it has been damaged, move more comfortably, and function more fully if injury or circumstance has impeded normal range of motion. When it moves freely, fully and painlessly, a body in motion is a grand testament to its awesome peak performance ability. Call your local chiropractor for mid back pain, and find out for yourself just how much better you can feel.


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