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When athletes are injured, where do they turn?

No matter which sport they play, most athletes – professional and amateur – are injured at some point in their active lives. Injuries can be a result of a competitive drive that pushes people to reach beyond their actual physical abilities, an inadequate training or warm-up program, or accidental trauma. The most common sports injuries for amateur athletes are strains, sprains, and torn ligaments. Your Charlotte chiropractor offers non-invasive, prescription-free treatment to restore you to normal physical ability, using specialized treatment techniques that are very effective at treating a wide range of sports injuries.

Why chiropractors focus on your spine

Chiropractic care is based on the ability that our bodies possess to grow, to heal, and to function the best it can when injured. When your body is subjected to repetitive motion, poor body mechanics, or a blow, your spine is easily jarred out of proper position.  Without chiropractic treatment of even minor spinal misalignments or subluxations, swelling and pain of localized soft tissues can result in painful irritation to nerves that run in, around, under, and through our spinal columns, as well as severely restricted movement. Restricted movement typically results in the transfer of pain to another part of your body, where improper motion is attempting to make up for the original restricted movement. Gentle chiropractic adjustments reposition displaced spinal bones, relieve painful nerve involvement, soothe muscles, and expand the area of misalignment to allow for natural healing to take place.

Chiropractic care for injured athletes

Your individual chiropractic treatment plan will provide pain relief and injury repair, plus restore your joints to full range of motion. When joints move freely, surrounding muscles can heal properly and nerve entrapment is relieved. One of the primary goals of chiropractic treatment is to avoid surgery. By restoring full function to joints early on, chiropractic care can reduce or eliminate the formation of scar tissue, which has a restrictive effect on motion. Prompt and effective treatment of sports and joint injuries helps improve and maintain the way your body performs.

Common sports injuries

Chiropractic sports injury treatments are designed to assist patients with repetitive movement injuries like tennis elbow, shin splints, shoulder problems resulting from golf swings, hamstring injuries, rotator cuff problems, plantar fasciitis, and other physical problems faced by runners, swimmers, skaters, skiers, and snowboarders. In addition to the injured joint itself, joint damage is generally accompanied by a buildup of scar tissue, which is painful and further restricts range of motion. The experienced and caring Charlotte chiropractors at ChiroCarolina® can help you prevent future sports injuries; ask them how to prevent being injured at your favorite sport.

Why do professional and amateur athletes seek chiropractic care when they are injured? Chiropractic care specializes in treatments that keep both amateur and professional athletes off pain medication, out of surgery, and on the playing field. Do not let a sports injury keep you sidelined. If you have been injured doing something you love, contact your Charlotte chiropractor today for treatment that can get back in the game.


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