Research Points to Purification

The person undergoing the purification process is given a list of foods that are natural, organic and whole. Processed foods are completely taken off from a person’s diet. The program starts with vegetables and fruits consumption from day 1 to 10, proteins are then added to the program on the 11th day until the rest of the days of the program. Food supplements are also introduced. Supplements like SP green food, SP cleanse, SP complete and others are used.

The person is assisted throughout the program with a guideline for detoxification or purification. FAQs are also found on the guideline packet, which also has a complete set of recipes and intake journals which the candidate uses to track food and supplement intake.

How Effective is it?

If followed correctly, the body purification or detoxification can greatly improve a person’s health. Since it is based on holistic well being a person can experience better physical and mental health.

There are two well-known studies that were conducted and the results are as follows:

  1. The Standard Process Purification Program was proven to be effective by a research article published by Journal of Chiropractic Medicine. The study was conducted on 28 chiropractic patients who all proved that calorie-restricted food intake paired with the right supplements under the supervision of a medical or health care professional produces great results in serum lipids regeneration and weight management.
  2. Another study conducted on 40 subjects at Logan College of Chiropractic showed positive results on improved cardiovascular health. Most patients who showed improved cardiovascular health also showed improved blood pressure, reduced weight, and improvement on lipid measures