Treatment Process

Many patients are unsure of what to expect on their first visit with us. Because we want you to feel confident, informed and knowledgeable, we’ve outlined what to expect during your first visit to ChiroCarolina. The ChiroCarolina Chiropractic Treatment Process is a “patient first” diagnostic procedure.

Step 1

The first step in chiropractic treatment protocol is to establish the cause of the pain. Causes of pain can be attributed to: muscle strains and sprains, imbalances in the pelvis, problems in the sacroiliac joints, vertebral disc problems, low back facet fixations as well as joint restrictions in the mid-back and neck.

During this process our doctors will ask you for your medical history and assess the value you’ll experience from the treatment. Our commitment is first, to quality of care, and if we believe that, due to the nature of your condition, you are not a good candidate for Chiropractic Treatment, we will tell you immediately.

Step 2

Step two is to perform a complete Chiropractic medical exam to include vital signs, orthopedic and neurological testing. Our doctors will look carefully at posture and perform an analysis of posture, and motion and static palpitation to determine exact areas of restrictions in spinal joint motion. This process is referred to as spinal palpation. They will also perform muscle testing, if they believe it necessary for a proper evaluation.

After our physical exam, if clinically indicate, we will take x-rays to confirm our physical assessment. If this is the case, we will recommend that x-rays be taken only of the spinal area of involvement. Our equipment is state of the art and all precautions are taken for your safety.

Step 3

Our doctors will show you the x-rays and carefully point out the areas of concern and discuss the treatment options with you.

Step 4

Treatment will begin at this stage. The method of treatment will depend on your specific injury but will usually include some manual manipulation of the spine.