Low back pain is one of the most common disabilities many workers experience today. The back is made up of bones which are collectively known as the vertebrae or the spinal column. These bones protect the spinal cord which houses 31 spinal columns which serve their own functions from flexes to extensions. With all these facts on hand, we can say that vertebrae the spinal columns it protects are very important. When we feel chronic back pain, many of us worry to and try to get clear diagnosis where the source of the pain is and how it can be “cured”.

Image Courtesy of JAMA network

Image Courtesy of JAMA network

Diagnosis – Common Causes of Low Back Pain

Often, the prime cause of low back pain is unknown. Some may experience back pain caused by strain on the muscles. Muscle strain may be brought by lifting heavy materials, standing for a prolonged period of time, walking or running. Although back pain can be sharp or dull, it is worthy to note that most low back pain do not radiate to the lower extremities. If this does happen, a pinched nerve can be involved. The type of pain this brings is extreme and often times radiates to the lower extremities – which may also evolve to numbness and tingling. This type of low back pain requires immediate medical intervention to be corrected.

Low Back Pain Can be treated through Chiropractic Care

One of the many misconceptions about low back pain is it requires surgery right away. Most cases do not require back surgery; a simple chiropractic adjustment can resolve most types of back pain. This is true as long as proper diagnosis is done prior to the treatment. This is especially true for instances when low back pain is just caused by muscle strain and sciatic nerve pain.


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